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andrewpounders411624_328774007182194_260458457_oAndrew Elijah Pounders, a 24 year old ambitious young man who achieved much in a few years, had larger dreams and aspirations than many knew. When he succumbed to a rare form of cancer, he had lived a life full of experiences, and had touched many people. Since his passing, he has been memorialized and awarded by the Max Foundation and awarded by Leukemia and Lymphoma Society as their 1st Posthumous Honored Hero Andrew Pounders.

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He attended elementary and middle school in Los Angeles County, California and graduated from El Camino Real High School in Woodland Hills, CA. Andrew was accepted to Xavier University of Louisiana in 2005 and earned “coming of age stripes” after becoming a Hurricane Katrina survivor and subsequently, battered and assaulted by a brutal college roommate who subscribed to conferring the title of “refugee” to geographically transplanted students and citizens. Pounders would later analyze the situation and considered himself a “survivor and warrior” – not beat or defeated.

Watch this PhotoBucket montage which Andrew E. Pounders created and later mixed with his “chopped and screwed” music versions as a small mental diversion. Photos include some of his favorite people, movies and things he liked.

Shortly after Pounders, (who was affectionately known as “Fridge”, “Big P”, “Andy”, “DJ Poundizzle”, “Big Sexy”, and “The Boy”) escaped two additional gulf coast hurricanes, he was diagnosed with cancer and took the news valiantly and without complaining. He underwent four years of chemotherapy rounds without hesitation, along with radiation and later benefited from an autologous stem cell transplant procedure, hoping for a complete resolution of the disease and complications.

Andrew played clarinet and recited poetry as a young boy and discovered the love of giving his talents. As an older gentle spirit, he continued to exercise patience and generosity, lessons he learned in life. Pounders loved learning what was required to be a professional servant of his community. He remained committed to his endeavor to receive a bachelor’s degree from Xavier University of Louisiana and eager to return to the gulf coast after enduring the toxic effects of chemotherapy. His family remembers a diligent and persevering hero and champion, as much as a dearly departed friend and beloved son.

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